Patricio Freire wants Jose Aldo fight

Bellator’s featherweight champion, Patricio Freire, believes he deserves to be tested against former UFC champ Jose Aldo. 

“I already think I am (the best fighter in Bellator history),” Pitbull said. “I’ve been in the company for practically a decade, I have few losses, most of them are debatable, I hold the record for most finishes, wins in my division, most participation in GP’s. If I’m not mistaken, I’m tied for the most number of wins in the company. I think those are great deeds, I should’ve gotten some recognition by now. I prepared to be the best fighter in the world, I programmed my whole life for this.”

“If you compare myself and Aldo, our records are identical,” Freire said, “except for the losses, because he was knocked out or submitted in all his losses while I only lost by decision or due to injury. I broke my fibula when I fought Benson Henderson. So in that department, I believe I have a slight edge (over Aldo). He defended his UFC belt for a long time, that’s his advantage, but our results were pretty much the same. I believe the tie breaker would be a fight between us both, it would the right way to settle this.”

“How about heating up their lightweight division and putting my brother there?” Freire said. “He’s a knockout artist, never lost to a UFC fighter, and knocked everyone except Ben Henderson. How about that?”


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