Don’t fight the way that pleases your boss or the crowd: Joe Rogan

After Chuck Liddell’s recent KO loss to Tito Ortiz, Joe Rogan has something to say to young fighters.

“He had a style that was incredibly effective back in the day and I think he became married to that approach,” Rogan said on recent episode of his JRE MMA Show podcast. “He was just a marauder.”

“You could hit him the face with a f—ng crowbar and he would just spit metal out. He didn’t give a sh-t. He was so badass back in the day. That style, there comes a certain point in time where you just can’t do that anymore.”

“There’s a right way to fight and a wrong way to fight and one of the things about seeing Chuck go out on his shield like that, it’s like, this is the bed he made,” he added. “This is his style.”

“When you see Chuck go out on his shield, something about it to me, I don’t like seeing it. I definitely would’ve liked it if he didn’t get knocked out again,” he said. “But one thing I would like young fighters to see is there’s consequences to choices in terms of how you approach these exchanges and how you fight. I’m of the belief that you should fight the correct way.”

“Don’t fight the way that pleases your boss or the crowd. Fight the way you’re supposed to with your skills, and win by knockout when you can. But don’t get knocked out because you’re trying to win by knockout and you overextending yourself and overexposing yourself. That’s not wise. I think part of fighting has to be wise.”


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