Georges St-Pierre: Fighting Anderson Silva today is ‘not as interesting’

The 37-year-old St-Pierre, however, is not at all keen at making the fight happen at this point of his career.

“The fight with Anderson Silva, there’s been a lot of talk,” St-Pierre said recently on the Luke Thomas Show on Sirius XM. “It’s been offered to me twice, earlier in my career, during my welterweight run. I don’t exactly remember when. I was doing my welterweight run and I had a talk with Dana and Lorenzo and the condition if I would make that fight was a catchweight, because after my goal was to go back down to my initial weight class at 170.

“Also, I wanted to implement testing, which they didn’t have before. I was asking for VADA and back in the day they had issues. Something happened politically between the UFC and VADA, I don’t know what happened, but they were not interested in that.

“The other time that happened, after I finished, I took a break with Johny Hendricks and a month after, Dana texted me asking if I want to fight Anderson Silva but I didn’t want to fight nobody. I said no. I took four years off.”

For St-Pierre, Silva’s run and debacles over the recent years had essentially devalued what was once a high-profile matchup.

“Now things have changed,” he continued. “Silva has lost. Now it is not as interesting. There’s a lot more to lose than gain.”


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