Top UFC bantamweight Marlon Moraes believes he is the world’s best at 135 lbs

“I think it’s logical,” Moraes said. “Cejudo fights Joseph Benavidez, and I fight Dillashaw, and the winners may meet each other. It makes a lot of sense. It’s not good for Dillashaw, but it’s good for me, and it’s a good scenario for the UFC. I think I’ve done enough, everybody wants to fight one day for the title, but people don’t want to take the hard way.”

“Even Dana said when he was promoting my fight with Assuncao, this fight’s going to get a clear cut contender for the 135-pound division, and now he has a clear cut [contender]. And man, come on, ‘I want to go down, I want to go up, I want to stay, I want to do this and that,’ come on. He’s the champion. He has to do what the fans want to see, and he has to do what the UFC wants him to do.”

“My friend, he’s a champion on paper, but I am the best 135er on the planet, and nobody can deny that,” he says. “That belt should be around my waist, because I earned it and I fought, and I didn’t lose. I won. The champion should be the one that won the last fought. I’m the best 135er on the planet right now.”

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